On the Brink: Week 7-8

Puebla began the weekend for the fearful four with its second consecutive win. They had the low-hanging fruit of facing Monarcas in Morelia. Despite Morelia netting an early goal, Puebla plucked the said fruit with a pair of goals on each side of the halftime break. There's nothing like a relegation fight to get the most out of a team. This battle now has Puebla in rarified territory. If the Liguilla started today, Puebla would actually be participating. Craziness.

On the Brink: Week 6-7

Expectations were largely met once again this week. Our relegation contenders were met with predictable circumstances and received predictable outcomes. Leones Negros traveled to Guanajuato to face Leon. They predictably lost. Leones Negros continued their run of form and find themselves on the bottom of the relegation table.

On the Brink: Week 5-6

Generally speaking, sports are not the easiest to predict. Low-scoring sports like soccer are even more volatile. One errant pass or one stunning shot could catapult a lowly team over a juggernaut. The Mexican variety of soccer tends to be exceptionally erratic in an already unpredictable sport. Between the penchant of Liga MX officials to use the red card and the widespread talent pool results have the tendency to equate to a lottery.

On the Brink: Week 4-5

Four weeks have passed in the Clausura. It's still terribly early to sort out which team will be heading down to the Ascenso. Yet,  there is now some separation. We have our first real distance forming in the race. There are clues as to where this might just be headed. It's just the beginning, but it's clear which teams have the real heavy lifting in front of them.

Two National Teams

One summer. Two big tournaments.

Mexico is faced with fielding a national team for this summer's Gold Cup and Copa America.  While it would be nice to bring Mexico's best possible eleven to each tournament, it is unreasonable and not particularly nice for those selected players. There isn't a long offseason for soccer players; filling it with two separate international tournaments is a bit much.

On the Brink: Week 3-4

Jornada 3 in Liga MX action saw several teams put their mark on the early season. Santos Laguna, who had struggled in their first two matches, put up four on regional rival Monterrey. Chiapas got a nice win over Atlas, albeit red card assisted. Pumas got their first win in a hard-fought battle with Toluca.

On the Brink: Week 2-3

Two weeks have now passed in this season and no further clarity has come to the relegation race. The apparent weakest squads heading in to the season have displayed the opposite. The teams known for mental fragility have toughed-out wins. The script is flipped from one week to the next.

One consistency is present. Liga MX officiating will be heard. The relegation race is not fortunate enough to escape the grasp of dodgy officiating that infects the entirety of the league.  Two of our fearful foursome were directly impacted this week by some shady decisions from the arbitros.

On the Brink: Week 1-2

Relegation battles are inherently intriguing. Nothing gets teams and their fan bases truly locked-in like the potential of being asked to leave the league. The loss of top flight revenue is normally devastating to a club. One of the giants of Mexican soccer being thoroughly embroiled in this affair, makes for a relegation battle to remember. Chivas find themselves in a four-way fight to survive with Leones Negros, Veracruz, and Puebla. Even without the extra drama from Chivas, simply having four teams in this race easily makes for more interest at the bottom of the table than at the top.

Clausura 2015 Preview

After the long winter break, Mexican soccer is back! No longer will the scraps of minutes for Mexicans in Europe solely fill the void in our hearts. It's back and ... probably about the same as where we left it. Where we left it was with a complete debacle. The Apertura 2014 final was a mess but a significant mess. Club America took the reins alone at the top as the team with the most titles. We pick up with the usual mess of coaching swaps, massive player transfers and general changes of direction.

Sympathy for the Americanista

I like to imagine myself as someone with the capability for a fair share of empathy. I generally try to consider the feelings of others in life. It's just harder when those feelings are tied up in something that I find abhorrent. Thus, Americanistas (supporters of Club America) and I rarely see eye-to-eye.


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