The Rojiblanco Roundtable: A Chivas of Guadalajara Blog

Turning Over a New Goat

New year, new manager, new players, but same owner. Hey, we can’t have it all right. It’s a brand new year, and the hopes and dreams for all Chivas fans are back. As a Chivas fan, 2013 was the worst year that I have ever witnessed. Both Clausura and Apertura in 2013 were awful. Bad management by Vergara, bad management by Te Kloese, the lack of commitment by certain players, and managers who couldn’t do much were all to blame for an embarrassing 2013.

Apologies Anyone?

Chivas continues to struggle in this Apertura, and though there is slight improvement under Juan Carlos Ortega, the team is still lacking that chemistry on the field. Chivas continues to give the press and fans something to talk about. If it’s another loss, the fan attendance, injuries, giving up a large lead, the lack of Chivas players in the National team, and even this ridiculous trend of apologizing to the fans via a press conference; no matter what Chivas gives everyone something to talk about. But I would like to turn my attention on this last topic.

The Breaking Point

“We are going to deliver to the fans of Chivas. In the end, my task is to improve. This team has potential…” How many times have we heard that? Can someone count the times those words have come from a newly anointed Chivas manager? Welcome to the world of Vergara, a world that only him and his wonderful wife understand. Chivas has presented their new coach, Juan Carlos Ortega. He’s a manager who has only had two games under his belt in top division futbol, but yet according to the Chivas front office is the ideal candidate, right?
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