Who Doesn't Like Whiskey

I was enjoying watching the America vs. Santos Laguna with my Tecate with a tajin rim for five minutes. That’s all it took for America to get the first goal of the game off an Oswaldo save that he couldn’t control. It took a stretch from Oswaldo to save it and Sambueza easily knocked it in. No time to panic the game is only five minutes in. Five minutes later Andy Rios scored a beautiful goal on a cross to put them up two to zero. With a barely drunk glass of Tecate staring back at me I start to think about something stronger.

Too Many Cards

The match started so well with a goal by Carlos Darwin Quintero in the 17th minute. And then the defense went back to playing like they did in the first half of the Leon match. The first two goals looked as if the defense was out of place and Atlas got easy scores. The last one Rodrigo Millar just headed one over Oswaldo. It looked really easy to since no one was defending him on the play.  Abella was able to get a goal in but it was close to the 90 minute mark not leaving much time for the equalizer. Santos just wasn’t playing like they are used to playing at home.

Beaten By Leon Again!

Santos Laguna had one of those games where they play really well in the second half. Two goals for and none allowed. Too bad Leon got four goals in the first half and just out played Santos. Most of the players looked out of position and Leon made goal scoring look easy. I am not sure if it’s the traveling to South America for the Copa Libertadores that is all to blame. If you remember Santos got beat down in the playoffs last season when played in Leon. Caixinha was able to make adjustments after halftime to stop the scoring but Santos was only able to get two back.

Cruz Control

Cruz Azul was always expected to be in contention for a Liguilla place. No matter the difficulties encountered, anything less than a top eight finish would have been disaster. The Liguilla was just never expected to be nearly locked-up midway through the season.

A Good Week For Santos

I was surprised when I saw the starting lineup for the match versus Xolos as it was similar to the one that just went against Arsenal in the Copa Libertadores. There was only one player inserted into the starting lineup that didn’t play the last match, Oswaldo Alanis.  Overall, only two players who didn’t play in the Arsenal match played in the Xolos match. The substitutions brought in to the match were the same players as before. So Herrea and Rentira for the Copa and Alanis and Crosas for Liga MX. This was not what I expected, but the result was a good one.

Another Tie

Once again a Tuca team scores an early first goal against Santos. This seems to be his best strategy to beat Santos and sometimes it works. The 12th minute goal by Alan Pulido was pretty close to being offsides, depending on your rooting interest. Carlos Darwin’s goal that was disallowed was also close. Both calls went in favor of Tigres and were made by the same linesman. Santos got the equalizer right after half time with an Andres Renteria goal.  Oribe Peralta had a one on one with the goalie but the keeper was able to get a foot on it. Nine out of ten time’s Peralta nets it in.

One Man Show

Hands down, no doubt in my mind, Brizuela is one talented young man.  If I were Toluca´s coach, I would instruct all my players to pass the ball to ¨El Conejito.¨ Well, maybe not all the time, but my point is that every time Brizuela gets the ball, he makes the other team shake in their little soccer boots.  I have seen it happen in other matches, and more clearly this past weekend when he went up against a sloppy Chiapas defense.  Thanks to this kid, Toluca finally put one away in a match where Toluca had more possession but had very few shots on target.

3 Points To A Santos Win

Santos Laguna ended their drought by finally winning a match this season against a good (and previously undefeated) Toluca team. Santos couldn’t have done it without some aggressive officiating from the ref.

The match was like any other until Edgar “Pajaro” Benitez cleat stomped Ribair Rodriguez below the knee for a straight red card. If I was a gambling man, I would have bet the opposite with Ribair getting a red card for fouling Benitez. The foul was hard and Benitez never tried to pick up his feet on the play. Most birds are light on their feet.

A Dark Place

Another match ending in a tie and a zero to zero tie at that. I should be used to this since Santos tied almost every match on the road last season. But this one was tough to swallow since Santos has had Queretaro’s number as of late. The only player I remember doing damage last season to Santos was Isaac Romo, and he was a late substitution in both matches. He had like three goals against Santos in the playoffs. He was the only player that did anything against Santos in both matches in the quarter finals last season.

Talking Tuca

Pressure gauge
Tigres have had their worst start to a season in recent memory. The side find themselves bottom of the league after four games, having shipped seven goals and three red cards, whilst only scoring one goal and managing one point. It all makes pretty miserable reading for the manager, Tuca Ferreti.


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