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One Man Show

Hands down, no doubt in my mind, Brizuela is one talented young man.  If I were Toluca´s coach, I would instruct all my players to pass the ball to ¨El Conejito.¨ Well, maybe not all the time, but my point is that every time Brizuela gets the ball, he makes the other team shake in their little soccer boots.  I have seen it happen in other matches, and more clearly this past weekend when he went up against a sloppy Chiapas defense.  Thanks to this kid, Toluca finally put one away in a match where Toluca had more possession but had very few shots on target.

The New Guarani Prince

Great forwards are not easy to find in the soccer world.  Toluca has found a great gem that could possibly be, in my opinion, the next “Guarani Prince.”  Toluca is known for bringing in awesome forwards; Bruno Marioni, Hector Mancilla, and Ivan Alonso.  All of them had the potential to be the next Guarani prince, but in the end I think none of them really appreciated the Toluca institution.  I believe this is about to change.

The Devil has Two Faces

For every heads there is a tails. For every villain there is a hero. For every great season there is an awful season. This is exactly what happened to Los Diablos Rojos (The Red Devils) of Toluca the last two seasons.  I consider Toluca to be one of the great soccer teams in the Liga MX, alongside with Chivas, Cruz Azul, America and Pumas.  The only thing that irks me about Toluca is their fans (well, not all of them). I’ll elaborate on this later.

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