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Cruz Control

Cruz Azul was always expected to be in contention for a Liguilla place. No matter the difficulties encountered, anything less than a top eight finish would have been disaster. The Liguilla was just never expected to be nearly locked-up midway through the season.

The Shyamalan Turn

The cavernous bowl of Estadio Azul hosted the home opener for La Maquina last night. Santos Laguna visited Mexico City for the most peculiar of matches. Yet, even with the bizarre circumstances, there was a familiar feel to the proceedings.

Breaking the Cycle

A new season starts for La Maquina with much of the familiar feel. A disappointing playoff performance leads to a shake-up of the roster and/or manager position. It fits like an old shoe - and smells like one, too.

Nothing irritates me much more than the Mexican coaching carousel. Managers are fired and replaced at such ridiculous rates. Clubs are rarely allowed to build consistency in direction. One bad result in a short tournament (an obviously small sample size) leads to the mandatory shake-up.   

Dank Hidden Corners

The litany of repulsive television advertisements that we subject ourselves to can be overwhelming.  While the growing popularity of dvr, on demand, streaming, and other online services have removed us from many, some are still forever stuck in the subconscious.  For me, it’s a commercial for a popular bathroom replacement service. The company regularly showed these nasty bathtubs that had never been cleaned.  Their hook was that they could replace bathrooms on the cheap because their products simply covered over the existing fixtures.

We Move On

The Apertura 2013 season is quickly approaching and it couldn't come soon enough for Cruz Azul. The Mexico City squad needs new competitive matches to occur in order to start putting some distance from their last game.
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