3 Points To A Santos Loss

It started out so well. Chuletita Orozco scored the first goal of the game for Santos in an empty Estadio Azul. Pigeons watched as Chuletita kissed the pitch after he scored, on the same pitch he once called his home. Add a typical Gerardo Torrado yellow and Chaco Jimenez getting substituted out in the next five minutes after the goal. All was going good for Santos, a little too good, if you know what I mean.

My initial thought was Cruz Azul would get a penalty kick and tie it up. But no, Jose Abella got a straight red card for a foul on Torrado. That fould did not merit a red card or even a card of any color. I would have screamed out loud obscenities if I had not been talking to my father on the phone at the time. So once again Santos loses a defender with a lot game time left, this time 50 minutes. Eventually Cruz Azul got the equalizer in the 79th min on a play Marco Fabian saved from going out of bounds. For me, he’s the player of the game (person of the game ... the ref) because he created the first goal as the ball was going out and for managing to get two yellows in one minute. The first yellow came after a brouhaha around Oswaldo's area where all the players got chippy with each other. This resulted in Santos players getting yellows as well as Fabian. Fabian then gave a hard tackle to a Santos player and his night was done. After that Santos relaxed enough for Cruz Azul to score the winner.

This red card stung more as it was early and it changed the game plan and the substitutions. All the subs in this game were defensive. The way things are going I would say another defender gets a red card in the next match. On a positive note, Lacerda started the match and played well until he got hurt. He ended up getting substituted out in the 70th minute. The other new signing of the season Ribair got substituted in the 57th minute mainly due to the defense needing help. The defense can’t keep getting over played like this.

Up next is Puebla who have tied both of their matches this season. They came back to force a draw in both of their games, versus Pumas and Monterrey. This team has always had fight in them. When you are in a relegation battle and giving up the first goal in a match, you have to be. If Lacerda is available, he should get the first chance against his former team. Hopefully the league takes Abella’s red card away and turns it to a yellow. It rarely happens, but I think it would help him as a player if it did.

On a sadder note the under 17 team bus had an accident on its way back to Torreon. Several players were hurt and Dr. Cesar Augusto Mora Flores passed away. My thoughts and prayers go out for all of those involved.



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