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At Soccer Mexicana we have the firm belief that Mexican soccer, both at the national and club level, is high quality and highly entertaining. We also believe that borders and languages should not stand in the way of investing in this brand of soccer. Hence, Soccer Mexicana.

We aim to bring you coverage of El Tri and Liga MX in a manner worthy of the material covered. It may be ridiculous at times, but will continue to strive toward entertaining. We won't be afraid to hit hard when it's deserved, but we'll apologize profusely afterward. We won't be posting scrolling lists of sad content to drive page hits nor articles featuring wags in bikinis (probably). The end goal is quality writing about a great version of the game. Our hope is that this blog helps to translate Mexican soccer into an easily digestible, enjoyable, and all around awesome format for readers.

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Jason Marquitz (editor):

Recently returned to the US after three years living in Mexico City, my time there instilled in me many things (not least of which is my love of Mexican soccer). I created Soccer Mexicana to satisfy my desire to read more about Mexican soccer without leaning so heavily on the woeful Google Translate. It expanded from there. As a former Cruz Azul season ticket holder, I tend to get a little negative at times, but please don't hold that against me. It just comes with the territory.

Cesar Hernandez:

My parents assumed I would become a psychologist, or maybe a teacher, but never a soccer fanatic (I blame my dad). They shouldn't have let me watch the 1994 World Cup which first started my infatuation, or let me play in the youth leagues which only fed my hunger for more. Nick Hornby summarizes it best for me: "I fell in love with football [soccer] as I was later to fall in love with women: suddenly, inexplicably, uncritically, giving no thought to the pain or disruption it would bring with it."

I've lost track of all the teams, leagues, and competitions I follow but focus most of my energy on the Mexican national team, Liga MX, MLS, La Liga, and the EPL. I started writing about two years ago with my contributions to the Footandball blog and am currently running my own site, The Big Verde, where I cover the Mexican national team and Mexican players abroad.

Raul Garcia:

I was never introduced to soccer properly the way I was introduced to other sports. No one I knew watched soccer on television, except for the World Cup. As a CSUF graduate in Art with nothing better to do, I moved to Oakland to try my luck. There I discovered Mexican soccer by the way of no other sport being shown on regular television and a new found love for Santos Laguna.

Dan Price:

Born in Manchester to an Liverpool FC crazy father. Earliest football memories are Italia '90 (vaguely) and attending my first LFC match in 1991, just as our star waned and Man Utd's star brightened. Thanks Dad. It paved the way for more than a decade of footy-based torture in school, only slightly eased by Man City's demise to the third tier. After university I worked in Amsterdam for 5 years, where I met Cynthia, a 'Regiomontana', and we eventually moved to Mexico in January 2012. Cynthia has made me a Tigres fan at heart, but I also keep an eye on Atlante, my local team.


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