Another Tie

Once again a Tuca team scores an early first goal against Santos. This seems to be his best strategy to beat Santos and sometimes it works. The 12th minute goal by Alan Pulido was pretty close to being offsides, depending on your rooting interest. Carlos Darwin’s goal that was disallowed was also close. Both calls went in favor of Tigres and were made by the same linesman. Santos got the equalizer right after half time with an Andres Renteria goal.  Oribe Peralta had a one on one with the goalie but the keeper was able to get a foot on it. Nine out of ten time’s Peralta nets it in. With the two of the top carded teams facing off against each other I thought it was going to be an ugly match. Tigres won the card match three to one. Not even one red card.

A day before the Copa Libertadores started news came out that Alonso Escoboza was out 6 to 8 weeks with an injury. Hopefully he can come back in time and make enough impact to get called back to the national team for the World Cup. He will be missed, but there is always someone that can be called up to try and replace him for both teams. Chances seem slim for the national team call up in June, and if someone gets hot for Santos who replaces him it will be interesting to see what happens.

Copa Libertadores is here and a starting time at 4:15 pacific time for the first match versus Arsenal de Sarandi of Argentina. By the look of the crowd I wasn’t the only one still working as the match started.  Luckily I got out early enough to watch the scoring play that involved Quintero and Peralta. It was a nice play all around; we could use some of that in the Liga MX tournament.  Most Liga MX teams are aware of Quintero’s attacks. Arsenal didn’t give him as much room the rest of the match. Well there was a moment or two when Quintero could have scored, but it just didn’t work out.  If this team was supposed to be Santos's big fight for top of the table, then I like our odds. Oswaldo had another match full of saves as per usual, which frustrated the Arsenal players. Overall, it was a good match for Santos. I would have liked more goals, but a win is a win.

Next up for Santos is the Xolos of Tijuana on Friday in Torreon.  Xolos haven’t won on the road in a long time. Some people might say it started when they were focusing too much on last year’s Copa Libertadores.  Xolos beat Monterrey at home in their last match. This isn’t the same Monterrey team of years past; this one is clearly broken. What surprises me is that it took Xolos untl the final 15 minutes to tie the match and the final 5 minutes to get the win. Well, a lot of teams are having up and down seasons, with the exception of Cruz Azul. The Liga Mx is highly competitive and having coaches rotate from team to team to team.

With a lot of starters playing the Copa Libertadores on Tuesday and the Xolos match on Friday I am not sure who will be starting. Will we the see the premier of a goalie or any other player? With the under 17 and 20 teams being eliminated from further contention in the Copa Viareggio, it is possible. Xolos might just have a chance to steal an away game in this one with Santos focusing on the Copa Libertadores. 


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