Apologies Anyone?

Chivas continues to struggle in this Apertura, and though there is slight improvement under Juan Carlos Ortega, the team is still lacking that chemistry on the field. Chivas continues to give the press and fans something to talk about. If it’s another loss, the fan attendance, injuries, giving up a large lead, the lack of Chivas players in the National team, and even this ridiculous trend of apologizing to the fans via a press conference; no matter what Chivas gives everyone something to talk about. But I would like to turn my attention on this last topic. A couple of weeks ago, the very infamous Chivas Owner, Jorge Vergara, called a press conference to make a “big announcement”. Now this isn’t the first time the press is called for an announcement to only be trolled by Vergara announcing something ridiculous (i.e. announcing the fan base as a new player).  Vergara invited the press, players, and leaders of cheering groups. To make things short, Vergara’s announcement was that he realized he had made mistakes and that he was going to change. That’s it, nothing else. No questions asked and a quick two minute apology to the press, fans, and players. I mean c’mon, why call a press conference? You could have done that lame pre-written apology via twitter if you wanted too.  After the announcement, the fans and press took to social media to express their frustration, myself included, but like always it was just another day in the world of Vergara.

Though I was upset, I found the announcement to be comical and absurd. But as a Chivas fan, sadly, I’m used to it. But it seemed the apology bug wasn’t over yet. A couple days later after the Vergara apology came Marco Fabian. Before a routine scheduled press conference by the team, Marco Fabian took center stage, sat in a small table and with a little piece of paper began to read a message to the fans. Oh god, that was painful to listen to, and even worse to watch him do it while other players stood in the back standing awkwardly, with a slight smirk on their face like a little kid knowing his best friend just got in trouble in elementary school. Marco continued to read, and then said “I don’t want your boos, they hurt me…” I could see Miguel Ponce in the back holding his laughter, and I don’t blame him. Marco Fabian was the center of attention earlier this month, with his possible departure to play in Europe or the Middle East. He apparently left the team and was on his way out to play for a new club. The fans felt betrayed, annoyed, and angered with his apparent departure. Many took to social media stating “he wasn’t needed” or “he never felt the colors of the team, Marquito can leave”. By the way, I really dislike when he is referred as “Marquito”, but that’s another subject. I for one was disappointed he was leaving, knowing he is capable of being the best player of the team and one of the best in Mexico. But after a week of his announcement of his departure, Marco Fabian was back with the team. His statement said that he had made a mistake, and he didn’t want to abandon his family (Chivas). It was either that or knowing that he was going to Qatar and his chances of playing for the National Team were as much as Kikin Fonseca getting a call. After all the drama, and the bickering, Fabian was back with the team and immediately rejoined the squad. In his first minutes back with Chivas, the fans in the Omnilife booed him every time he touched the ball, expressing their anger and disappointment with him. Then comes the ridiculous statement where he begged for forgiveness. I think “someone” made him do this, at least I would like to think so.  Like Vergara’s statement, the press and social media blew up Fabian’s announcement. The fans still continued to boo him at every touch of the ball, and found it even more ridiculous that he would ask for forgiveness, adding fuel to the fire. But things have changed slightly in recent games. Mentally it had looked like Fabian wasn’t connected, getting lost on the field during games and not being the important figure for the team. But slowly Fabian seems to be bouncing back. In the game vs Tigres, Fabian came in and gave a change to the dynamic of the team, even scoring a goal. Chivas ended up tying that game 3-3, after giving up a 3-0 lead, Fabian seemed a bit more connected on the field. Then came the game vs Xolos, where Fabian was a starter due to Rafa Marquez Lugo being injured. On the field, Fabian was trying to become the leader. He wanted the ball, and even though he made a couple mistakes he wouldn’t give up. Fabian then gave an assist for the first Chivas goal. Though the team continued to look shaky overall, Marco Fabian was persistent and tried to make the difference on the field.  Throughout the second half Fabian was involved in almost every attacking play, and even hit a spectacular shot off the cross bar. With most of the ball possession on the field, but being down 2-1, Fabian stepped up again and with a strong free kick shot scored and tied the game. His celebration looked that of a pressured player finally being able to scream at the top of his lungs. He ran towards the fans, and slid on his knees with a gesture towards the fans as if asking for forgiveness. Even though this sounds something from a dramatic cheesy teenager movie, Fabian seems to be slowly regaining  the form everyone wants to see from him.

His aggressiveness on the field and growing chemistry with the team, begin to showcase a small glimpse of what Fabian is capable of. This is exactly what Fabian needs, actions on the field and not statements asking for forgiveness. I am not saying this is Fabian’s best form and everything is forgotten, but it seems that he has taken the first step towards it. The only way fans will learn to embrace him again is by his performances, not by his begging. A pre-written statement will be forgotten in a couple hours but great performances and goals will last longer in the minds of fans. Like I stated before, I don’t think Fabian wanted to read that statement, but it was something forced on by the institution.  Just like Vergara, the fans don’t care what you say. They don’t want your apologies. They want to see results. They don’t care if you realized you made a mistake; they care what you are going to do to correct that mistake. Fabian is slowly doing that on the field, and if his good performances continue I’m sure fans will forget that ridiculous statement. As for Vergara, currently no one believes him, he can say all he wants, but he has lost that trust with the fans and unless we see a significant change he will still be seen a villain. Keep your words and statements for yourself Chivas, we want results and nothing else.

** the photo is used under a Creative Commons license from Pablo Lancaster-Jones