The Burrito Wrap – 3rd March

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Spring is coming, and with it the conclusion of football seasons around the world. As we pass the half-way stage in this year’s Clausura we take the opportunity to look back at some of the biggest stories of the last nine weeks.

Financial Farce Hurting Image…

What do Queretaro, Chiapas and Atlas all have in common? Correct, they’ve all seen their club finances come under the microscope in 2014.

For those that missed it; Queretaro’s league status is in jeopardy following revelations of fraud in club owner Amado Yáñez’s company, Chiapas’ players are on the verge of revolt amidst reports that they haven’t been paid for two months, and Atlas’ club members refused to accept their recently released financial figures.

Next question, what do Queretaro and Chiapas have in common? Ok, maybe not so obvious. The answer – neither of them were called Queretaro or Chiapas a year ago.

How is it possible that two sides who were only purchased less than a year ago now have ‘financial issues’? Given the power that club owners have in the domestic game, surely the Liga MX should be carrying out extensive and detailed due diligence on all prospective owners before allowing them anywhere near the clubs in the first place.

The chaos now engulfing Queretaro is not being aided by the controversy that recently surrounded Camilo’s transfer from Vancouver – where did the money for that deal come from? Was it illicitly gained? Almost certainly.

For a league that purports to be one of the world’s best outside Europe, the recent revelations have done ‘Brand Mexico’ no favours. With the recent financial scandals adding to existing problems such as multi-club ownership and the ‘Gentlemans Pact’, it is now surely only a matter of time before FIFA issues a swift and brutal clampdown.

Managerial Merry-Go-Round Spinning Faster than Ever…

Question three – what do the numbers 2, 4, 5 and 7 have in common? Answer – the number of 2014 league games that Rubén Israel, Carlos Bustos, Eduardo de la Torre and Profe Cruz were given before being sacked. Oh, and don’t forget El Tri’s four managers in four games last autumn.

Morelia sacked Eduardo de la Torre this weekend after a 2-1 defeat to Atlante and will now appoint their third manager of 2014. It’s crazy. Total madness. What makes the Morelia board think this is a good move? I would ask them to show fans one example in world football of three managers in nine games resulting in a positive outcome.

Four sackings in nine weeks. Cruz and Israel lasted barely 6 months in their jobs, de la Torre didn’t make it as far as two months. If they weren’t the right man after such a short time, they almost certainly weren’t the right man at the time of their appointment. So why were they given the jobs? The blame for the mess lies at the door of one group of people – the board. What were these people expecting? There are very few instances of manager bringing instant success to a club. Does Morelia’s owner really think that de la Torre’s replacement will suddenly guide them to a league championship this summer? Why wasn’t de la Torre given the time and space this summer to craft a team in his own vision? I certainly don’t have the answers.

The fans should be furious.

Good Defences or Bad Attacks…?

This blog’s editor, Jason Marquitz, has recently been banging the Twitter drum to talk about the lack of goals in this season’s Liga MX. He points out that 12 of the 18 teams are now averaging a goal or less per game.

Are defences getting better? Are Mexicans losing their love of open and free-flowing attacking football?

I won’t dwell on the topic, but after the national team’s cataclysmic 2013 the last thing they need in the run up to this summer’s World Cup is for their domestic-based players to have an extended goal-scoring drought.

By Daniel Price

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