My Gut Feelings – Predictions of the Jornada 11

It’s this far in the Apertura 2013 and the jury is still out on who is the dominant candidate to win the Championship. Last week’s Jornada was a little slow and below average in my opinion but hey it’s a new week, it’s Friday and guess what that means? The beginning of brand new Football weekend! Let’s look at what we have here for this weekend and I will predict who will be the victor. Hopefully I do a better job than last week.
Morelia vs. Monterrey
Prediction: Morelia
Monterrey’s 1-0 victory over Pachuca last Saturday didn’t really impress me as far as improvements go. I honestly do believe that under Vucetich they would have gotten the same or better results. Monterrey is on the road this week traveling to the Estadio Morelos to face against one of the top teams, Morelia. I have a feeling the points are going to stay in Morelia. Carlos Bustos has done an excellent job of managing the team. Having an aggressive style play, I do think the game favors Morelia who need to get this win if they are to stay at the top of the table. Just the determination to stay on top I think is enough to make Morelia a far more dangerous team this week. Being at home, 1st place and having one of the best midfields there is in league right now is enough for me to give the game to Morelia.
Tijuana vs. Cruz Azul
Prediction: Tijuana
Tijuana hasn’t been the same since Antonio Mohamed left the team. This led to the very poor transfer of Duvier Riascos to Pachuca and the loss of other important players. Last week’s tie against Guadalajara showed that the Xolos are very ill, and if you ask me, had the game against Guadalajara last week maybe been 15 minutes longer, Guadalajara would have taken the game. Tijuana’s weakest point is the attack of Fidel Martinez and Dario Benedetto. The problem is not really Martinez but Benedetto who only scored 3 goals this entire season, and those three goals were in the Jornada 1! Tijuana will be facing another team who hasn’t been on the ball for a while. Cruz Azul who have also been busy making more than questionable transfers. Cruz Azul is on the road this week coming after their home loss against Tigres and really have not been themselves lately. This is entirely because of head coach Guillermo Vasquez who‘s trademark is lazy playing and doing the least amount possible. I’ll give this game to Tijuana because they are playing at home and are going to be looking for that home field advantage today to get the win. Cruz Azul is going to come to the game playing lazily again; this will probably be a 1-0 game for Tijuana.
America vs. Chiapas
Prediction: America
Chiapas has been on a streak lately and wish to keep that streak alive when they go to the Estadio Azteca to face the champs America.   I’m going to be honest I want to see America beat the crap out of Chiapas because Chiapas is really getting on my nerves, but that’s not why I am picking America. My prediction for this match is America, because despite Chiapas getting a victory over Leon in Nou Camp a couple of weeks ago and then continuing their winning streak against Tijuana and Atlas, I think their limited squad is what is going to run them short against America. The Aguilas are  determined to get the three points after their undefeated streak was lost last week against Santos. I don’t think America really plan on slipping again and losing the three points at home. The determination that America will bring to the game and the fact that their team is just better in every way, it’s not hard to see why I’m sticking with America to keep the points.
Tigres vs. Puebla
Prediction: Tigres
It may seem I am just siding with the home teams, but I think with a victory against Cruz Azul, Tigres will be on the right track to get the three points from Puebla. Tigres, led by the newly convened Lucas Lobos (who probably will try to do his best to impress Vucetich), will make tough on Puebla. La Frnaja are coming from the tie with Toluca and have to again fight for their life. Any loss of points could be what sends them to the Ascenso next year. Not that Puebla can’t pull off the surprise and take the points, I just find it very unlikely that they do. I don’t see it… not with this Puebla.
Pachuca vs. Santos
Prediction: Santos
Pachuca is coming from a loss at Monterrey and return home to receive another one of the strong candidates, Santos. Inspired by their excellent game played last week, Santos will be looking for the victory again against a lost and confused Pachuca. Enrique Meza will survive this season, but I think Tuzo fans have to wait until next seasons to see any REAL results from Pachuca. This is just a season to forget for Pachuca who really, really can’t wait to start the season fresh again. Santos is a very effective team as shown in the victory over America last week; Santos is dangerous, and any opportunity they have to put the ball in the back of the net they will take.  They will probably be more offensive than they were against America, so Pachuca would be well advised to play this conservatively. If Quintero is in his tip-top shape this week you can expect nothing but a headache for Pachuca who will probably be praying that the game ends as quickly as possible.
Atlante vs. Pumas
Prediction: Pumas
Let’s be frank here… if Pumas can’t get the victory against the worst team in the league they should just hang it up and call this season a loss and a huge failure. I should expect for Pumas fans to get a victory against Atlante, who are the biggest mess in the league. Atlante has just been a train wreck this season and as of right now looks to be the team that will be going to the Liga de Ascenso next year. Both teams have not been playing up to par, but I am more disappointed in Pumas who really have been playing with no heart. This is something that really dumbfounds me because Pumas is usually a team with limited squad but one that refuses to take anyone's shit. Where’s the intensity with Pumas? I want answers. This is ridiculous. I hope Pumas find their "huevos" because they really need them, and I miss watching a Pumas team that fought for every point. For Atlante, well I don’t know what to say about them. They have been a sinking ship for the longest time. It hasn’t been really good for Atlante fans and for fans of the Mexican league. The only thing that Atlante has done is given insomniacs a cure and allowing them to sleep.
Leon vs. Guadalajara
Prediction: Guadalajara
You can call me crazy but I am definitely going to be giving the victory to Guadalajara. Leon is a great team and has really been on a roll this season, regaining the dominance that they had in the Apertura 2012. Yet, there is one funny thing about them... they really have not been able to get many points from Chivas. I feel that this game is going to be no different. There’s that and there’s the fact that Guadalajara’s confidence has really been going up lately. Juan Carlos Ortega desperately needs this victory and so does everyone involved with Guadalajara. All the odds in this game are in Leon’s favor, but I think that despite Leon being the better of the two teams, Chivas is going to be the one pulling a fast one of them.
Atlas vs. Veracruz
Prediction: Tie
Atlas is just a disaster right now, and they will be receiving Veracruz, another team who hasn’t been the same since the Jornada 4. Why is Atlas playing this poorly? I believe it is really because the team is on sale. I don’t think Atlas is really caring about the short-term results too much. The fans have to deal with this, but they are accustomed to sticking it out, right. Veracruz, on the other hand, hasn’t had a victory since their 3-2 home win over Cruz Azul. Veracruz is in hot water and need points more than anything. I won’t go as far as saying that Atlas are an easy three points, because both teams are in the exact same level of suck. Maybe this is the week that Angel Reyna is finally found, but I am more expectant of seeing a 0-0 tie and a good sleeper game ... probably one to forget.
Toluca vs. Queretaro
Prediction: Toluca
Queretaro is in fourth place right now. Yes, fourth.  It's a good job for a team that really should not even be in the first division.  But I think their winning streak will stop this week in Toluca. Jose Cardozo has been improving Toluca little by little and ultimately has a better squad than Queretaro. The Gallos Blancos will have to play with more intensity if they want to get some points in the “Infierno”. Queretaro has an inspired but limited squad and against Toluca their winning streak will end.

Well those are the predictions for this Jornada; hopefully, I do a better job than last week. Do you agree with my predictions? If not, there is a comment box below. Give us your predictions. It’s more fun when we all participate. 

** the photo is used under a Creative Commons license from ian crowther



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