An Unpredicted Win

Last Friday, I had my predictions as to who would win the games for the Jornada 11. In the opener, I was convinced that Monarcas would have taken the three points easily from Monterrey. For me, Monterrey was a team that was lost and had no idea on how to function. Monterrey head coach Jose Guadalupe Cruz had it in for all of us and gave us a great surprise on Friday with a 3-1 victory over Monarcas. This indeed was the game that the Rayados fans have been waiting for all season.

I was less impressed with Monarcas, who really let me down for the second time in the season (the first being the game verses America). I thought they would have done better against a limited representation of Monterrey. Monarcas has shown their Achilles heel, current Apertura 2013 badass Jefferson Montero, who was absent on Friday due to injury. Monarcas needs to be able to function even with the absence of their best player. They don’t have a bad team and didn’t have one on Friday. With players like Aldo Leao and Raul Mancilla leading the squad, I didn't think that Monterrey could have left the Estadio Morelos with the three points. But 'Profe' Cruz has shown that he has the talent to lead a bigger team and has done a great job of getting the three points with a vastly limited squad.

Another surprise for the game was newly convened Jonathan Orozco, who was maybe inspired to show his old boss Vucetich that he can compete with Corona and Ochoa. Jonathan Orozco really shined and gave a hell of a performance. Some of his saves really demonstrated what separates the elite goalkeepers from the average.

The changes worked really well. Guadalupe Cruz used some new kids, who are showing promise. Luis Madrigal, who scored two goals, and Alejandro Garcia, who scored the third goal, are both under 23 years of age. They did a great job of putting the goals in the back of the net. I hope these guys can keep up the good work and continue to make good of the little opportunities they will have to show that they have what it takes to stay up in the starting eleven.

I think Monterrey will return to the top flanks of the league once Guadalupe Cruz can utilize the heavyweights of Monterrey: Humberto Suazo, Cesar Delgado and Omar Arellano.  They still have the time to get in the Liguilla this season and maybe surprise us all. Guadalupe Cruz is taking it one at a time. For me, he definitely shut me up and earned his spot as Head Coach; I just hope that the team's fans can accept him as fast as I did. Monterrey’s next game is at home against the catastrophe of the Apertura 2013, Pumas. Let’s see if 'Profe' Cruz’s undefeated streak can last another week. They really should be able to handle Pumas, but this is the Liga MX ... the most unpredictable league in the world. 

** the photo is used under a Creative Commons license from jcoterhals



Some time's our predicts really come true and this happened in yours also. I often write down my predictions on blogs to let people read them, and when some of them come true they really write me replies.