Salimos DF

With any move, there are welcome additions and things that will be missed. The new location might deliver better weather or a shorter commute, but perhaps it doesn’t t have the same charms that have become part of the everyday in the old locale. I find that often, the most unexpected things end up being felt the most during change or loss.   There are big things like friends and family that you may be leaving behind, but it is often your spot at the corner bar or your favorite taco guy (or cochinita place) that will leave you reminiscing.

Always late, but worth the wait?

Cruz Azul has had a long history with late, panic, unworthy, and ultimately, well, desperate signings while the tournament has started. Without hesitating it’s quite easy to say a few names of late and wildly mediocre arrivals; the likes of Roberto Ovelar and Ronald Raldes spring to my mind as the most incredibly poor signings Cruz Azul has made in the past 10 years. Runner-ups are of course Edgardo Conceicao, ‘Maranhao’, Danilo Vergne, and… I guess you can continue.

The Breaking Point

“We are going to deliver to the fans of Chivas. In the end, my task is to improve. This team has potential…” How many times have we heard that? Can someone count the times those words have come from a newly anointed Chivas manager? Welcome to the world of Vergara, a world that only him and his wonderful wife understand. Chivas has presented their new coach, Juan Carlos Ortega. He’s a manager who has only had two games under his belt in top division futbol, but yet according to the Chivas front office is the ideal candidate, right?

Seeing Through the Friendly Mirage

If there's anything that ardent soccer fans know, it is that it's always trouble to read too much in to a friendly. They can be highly deceiving. The chances that this type of exhibition match has lasting carry-over to the matches with increased weight is pretty low. Yet, for supporters of the Mexican national team there was plenty to pleased with from this match. If for no other reason, we finally saw an El Tri that resembled something from the past. This looked like a team capable of scoring and winning matches. This was the antithesis of Chepo Ball 2013. They were fun to watch.

Pumas and Alberto Garcia Aspe Part Ways, is Antonio Torres Servin Next?

It’s a common theme in Mexico, but that doesn't mean it’s not a problem. Year after year, a handful of teams will get off to a slow start and the musical chairs of Mexican coaching begins.
The 2013 Apertura is no different as Pumas is expected to make changes to their organization after a dismal start to the season. Pumas, who squeaked into the playoffs last season with Antonio Torres Servin, are winless in five matches and have only managed to score one goal all season (in week one). Currently they sit in 17th spot in the Liga MX table (out of 18 clubs).

The Tuneros of Chiapas

I find myself in a unique position. I’ve now been in attendance for two of Chiapas’s three matches this season. I state this fact in no sort of proud or boastful way, for this is clearly not something that can garner envious feelings. This feat puts me in company with at most a handful of people not employed by the team. The majority of this lucky group probably shares apellidos with the men on the field. Hence, I feel like I have a good understanding of the team at this point.

Moving On Up (from the B squad)

You would think that the last thing we would want to do is look back at the Gold Cup. Why would rational Mexico fans want to revisit an infamous tournament that was anything but a success? Isn't there a cognitive dissonance involved in this? Well, my educated and well-versed reader you are very right. The tournament was awful for Mexico but it's too simple to just ignore the last five games we played this month. It's too easy to just make "Fuera Chepo" t-shirts and call it a day. It's too elementary to write Javier Aguirre another desperate letter.

Rudderless Through Two

Two games: 1 point,1 goal, 1 loss, 0 wins, 14th place and some bad soccer in the first 180 minutes for the Striped Ones. Monterrey is displaying some horrendous soccer to say the least. These numbers aren’t what fans and players alike expected for the Rayados after two games in Liga MX play, and they are unacceptable for a team with players like Suazo, Pabón, Zavala and Delgado to name a few. Monterrey has shown close to nothing in the first two games and I don't know what or who to blame it on.

Chucho: Another Lost America Striker

On this Monday morning, we all woke to the saddest news: Christian “Chucho” Benitez had passed away at the young age of 27 in Qatar. Only a month ago, the Ecuadorian striker was lifting the championship trophy which gave our club a record-tying eleventh league championship. Benitez, through his third consecutive Golden Boot, had lead most of the way for America to achieve that title. And just like that he is no longer with us.


There's nothing quite like attempting to predict the unpredictable. Trying to pin down the directon in which Liga MX teams are headed could be a painful task. But we did it anyway because we're a little crazy like that. 


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