Trading Places: A Preview (of sorts) of the Apertura 2013 Season

If Mexican league fans learned anything this year, it’s that everything has a price. We are more than used to jerseys smattered with more sponsors than a race car. However this summer took it to another level. We saw a rash of clubs being scooped up by other cities for coveted top flight position and the league receiving a ridiculous branding stamp right over its recently christened name. 

Xolos - A New Era

The television was muted. The audio from the broadcast would have been too much for my already fragile psyche. All I could hear was the faraway sound of cars passing by on the 5 Freeway, children playing in the nearby park, and my own words “no puede ser! no puede ser!”.

What to do when you are no longer needed?

The season has not even started and Atlas is already marred with financial woes. This past week several issues came to light that may have a big impact on the performance of Atlas this season, and more importantly, its viability to continue to exist as we know it.

You may think I am exaggerating as Atlas has had cash flow problems for a long time, but I believe the institution is reaching the breaking point of its current business problem.

The Questions and the Answer

The year that was filled with so much hope and promise for the Mexican National Team hasn't quite panned out that way. The positive momentum of the youth ranks, Olympics, and the earlier qualifying rounds has been replaced with angst and frustration. Mexico has so thoroughly underperformed this year.

Mexico's Opportunity at the Confederations Cup

Hello! You look lost and weary, oh soccer jersey-wearing traveler. What brings you to Rio de Janeiro? A Mexico fan?! You must have the blood pressure of an angry Joe Pesci from "Goodfellas." I can't even begin to imagine the amount of expectations and televisions that have been broken due to their form. Never have I seen a team fluctuate and oscillate so much since their wonderful Gold Cup victory in 2011. The same victory which bought them a ticket to this very competition they are about to partake in.

Failure by Design: The Chepo Qualifying Campaign

When problems arise with the results of a team, when expectations aren't met, theories pour in from all corners. Multiple targets for blame will be found, deserved or not.  Everyone will have a shot at pinpointing the problems. Someone will eventually get it right, or more than likely, everyone will have piece of the problem identified. It's a normally a mixture of factors that leads to a team falling short of their potential. So, we guess and get some things right. But it's always a little mysterious. That's sport. We don't always know the answers.

El DF Final

Finals are always big. They gain momentum when they've followed a fascinating playoff slate. They grow still larger when two teams with national support and plenty of history face off. When those teams are neighbors, rivals, two of the "Big Four" and desperately searching for another title the final becomes colossal.

Standing on the Edge


The Big Four: Cruz Azul, May 15, 2013


The Big Four: Club America, May 14, 2012



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