The Fallen Four


Liguilla Quarterfinals: Keys to Victory and Who Will Take Them


World Cup Qualifying: Has It Always Been This Scary?

We're only three games into qualifying, and the worries have already begun (I'm not helping, I worry too much as well). People have been questioning Chepo, the team selections, and most all, the likelihood of Mexico still finishing in the top three. As it stands, Mexico are sitting uncomfortably at the fifth spot in the Hex. Optimists will tell you that they're only two points from the top, pessimists will tell they're one point from the bottom, and realists will tell you that they're not moving anywhere until June 4th.

The Big Four: Chivas, May 2, 2013


The Liga MX Anticlimax

One game remains on the schedule before the playoffs commence in this Clausura 2013 season. Normally, this would be a weekend highlighted with high pressure matches that would determine where teams would fall with regard to the craziness of postseason play. This is not so much the case this time around. Seven of eight spots in the playoffs are already locked down and the eighth is a virtual lock (Monterrey would need a monumental collapse to blow it).

The Big Four: Pumas, April 29, 2013


The Big Four: Club America, April 26, 2012


Concacaf Champions League Final Preview: Santos v Monterrey 2013

The finals of the Concacaf Champions League begin with the first leg later tonight. Santos Laguna host Monterrey in what will surely prove to be a compelling match-up. I write this with confidence due to the fact that we've seen them face each other so many times.

The Big Four: Cruz Azul, April 24, 2013


The Big Four: Chivas, April 23, 2013



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