Torta Tuesday: Jornada 11, Apertura 2012

With a midweek schedule, I'm rolling Torta Tuesday out again. It is however neither Tuesday nor a Torta kind of day. Hence, I name thee Flauta Friday. Home teams were 6-1-1 during this short week. It's tough traveling on such a short schedule.

Torta Tuesday: Jornada 10, Apertura 2012

I decided to go with a Polynesian Torta this week for no other reason than its inherent deliciousness. This weekend's matches were quite good as well. We don't have too much time to relish in their loveliness however - Jornada 11 starts tonight.


At the beginning of the season, I had a sneaking suspicion. There was a faint whiff of something foul. I couldn't say for sure that the funk was there, but it was a definite possibility. Now through the tenth match of the season, I could say with confidence ... this Cruz Azul team is deeply flawed and just a bit awful.

Cruz Azul v America: The Tale of Two Narratives

An overwhelming disparity exists between the experience of being at a soccer match and that of the home-viewing experience. Some facets of this are fairly obvious. The ability to see more of the field, share in the emotional swings of the people, feel the camaraderie of total strangers, along with the ability to grossly overpay for refreshments are a combination of impossible, exceedingly difficult, or just plain weird to recreate at home.

Torta Tuesday: Jornada 9, Apertura 2012

It wasn't a great weekend for travelers. Home teams were undefeated this week (albeit with only three wins). With this in mind (and/or laziness), I stayed close to home and went with the torta stand closest to my apartment. It's not the best quality but it gets the job done. Again, much like the home teams. 

Torta Tuesday: Jornada 8, Apertura 2012

In honor of Tijuana's ascent to the top spot in the table, I went with the Frontera Torta (The Border Torta). As always, the headings are links to movie clips that (sometimes very loosely) allude to an aspect of this past week's results. Buen provecho.

What's happening: Jornada 8 Results and Table:

Yellow Letter Day

Article about the big victories for Club America and Tigres yesterday posted on FutnSoccer. 

Casual Wear

The casual wear of Cruz Azul's Olympians and what it says about them on and off the field: 

From the left to right:

The Costa Rica Conundrum

Article about Mexico's victories over Costa Rica and the lingering problems that persist.  Posted at FMF State of Mind. 

A Promising Work in Progress



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