Lucas Nash

Are we sure these two aren't related? Yes, Steve Nash is Canadian and Lucas Lobos is Argentinian. Yet, they look the same. They're games are very much the same. They basically are the same. At the very least, there's some sort of distant cousin situation going on here.

The Case for Watching Santos v. Jaguares


When it rains, it pours

Heading into halftime of last night's Copa Libertadores match at Estadio Azul, things got interesting. The visiting team, Libertad of Paraguay, was heading in to the locker rooms. Unfortunately, for them, they were down a goal and were now targets. Normally, giant inflatable train-shaped tunnels escort the players, coaches, and referees into the locker rooms. For Copa Libertadores matches the tunnels are gone and the air filled security blanket is missing. The fans acknowledged this and rained the Paraguayan squad with beer cups, pizza boxes, and free game programs. Just one hour later the crowd would repeat this same ritual, but the targets were no longer the visitors. The target had now become Cruz Azul's manager, Enrique Meza. 

Autopsy Azul


Just Saying


Montchester: Two Cities ... Four Teams

Comparing the teams on Monterrey to those of Manchester. Article appears on Futbol de Cafe

Figuring Out The Final Weekend

Breaking down the final weekend in the Primera Division on FMF State of Mind

Wavering White Flag

After a particularly depressing Cruz Azul performance a few weeks ago, I officially wrote off this team's chances. They put out pitiful performances that made clear their intention of ineptitude. Even past the effort displayed on the pitch, they simply were not talented enough to compete with the best teams in Mexico. Cruz Azul's play on Sunday tested my resolve. 

Seeing Red

New article about the prevalence of red cards in the Mexican Primera Division on Futbol de Cafe.

A Crucial Clasico

Attempting to add to the hype of the Clasico (of Mexico) this weekend. Article posted at FMF State of Mind


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