Face of Evil

Sometimes some nasty stuff goes down on the soccer field. Today alone, saw AC Milan's Champions League strategy of fouling Messi every time he had the ball and a combination leg rake/groin kick tackle in the CONCACAF Champions League match between Santos and Toronto that drew red (blood and card). Yet, the worst thing that went down on the pitch today wasn't violent. It actually involved no contact whatsoever. 

A Team that Leads with their Heads

Every coach approaches training sessions in a different manner. Some prefer to simulate game situations to recreate the feel of the game. Some coaches really focus on the physical component and building endurance. It's also common for some coaches to spend much of their training time in front of the 'chalkboard' focusing on tactics. Enrique Meza and Cruz Azul take a different approach. They spend a good part of training focusing on head butting. 

Corona > Corinthians > Cruz Azul

Watching Wednesday's Copa Libertadores match I couldn't help having the feeling that I was witnessing evidence. Not evidence in the sense of proving or disproving any of my theories of this Cruz Azul squad, but in the sense that this game was evidence in some match fixing scandal. So poor was the play of the majority of Cruz Azul's players that there seemed to be no other explanation. This is a team with many flaws, yet Wednesday revealed some gaping wounds.  No, I don't actually think there was anything afoot in this match.

Proper Goal Celebration

Aspiring goal scorers ... this is how you celebrate after scoring. Felix Borja, well done, sir. Well done. 

Tijuana: Your New Favorite Team

We all find our sports teams in different ways. Many sports fandoms are passed down as legacies. Your father was fan of the Cleveland Browns, so unfortunately, you carry on that burden. You may latch on to the local team to feel the camaraderie and possibly attend home games. The ever popular bandwagon also draws many fans, especially from the younger generations. Also, my personal favorite, would be fandoms formed by spite.

Three Points in Three Minutes

Article on FMF State of Mind: Three Points in Three Minutes

Big Wins for the Little Guys

Two teams who were recently down in the dumps, suffering horrible loss after horrible loss, have begun to claw their way back to relevance. Finding big wins using any means necessary, these squads are following the redemption tales of the common sports movie. The underdogs begin their arduous quest toward the big stage and eventual glory. Throw in a mix of heartwarming, good guy actions to seal the audience's complete loyalty to the team and their comeback. It's not often that these stories come to fruition so perfectly outside of the cinema. 

Just when you have it all figured out ...

"The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist. And like that, poof. He's gone." 

Kevin Spacey as Verbal Kint in The Usual Suspects convinced us that he truly was scared of Keyser Soze. And it made sense. This, possibly fictional, character was the epitome of evil. Surely, he would look the part as well. When the chatty nuisance that was Verbal finally revealed himself to be Keyser Soze, everything we thought we knew about this character was flipped upside down. 

Corona's first save v Morelia today.


Bizarro Santander World

I made it to two Cruz Azul matches this week. Pumas visited on Saturday afternoon for the inner-city rivalry match and Deportivo Táchira of Venezuela paid a visit to Estadio Azul on Tuesday night for a group stage matchup in the Copa Libertadores. Counting these two visiting teams, I've seen four unique squads in person in the span of four days.



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