Omar Comin'

The call that rang out through the semi-fictional streets of Baltimore carried a great deal of meaning. Omar's arrival meant that someone was likely about to lose wads of cash. A different Omar arrived at Cruz Azul this winter. The weight of his arrival has yet to be determined.

Thomas Bale

Finally realized why Thomas from Downton Abbey looks so familiar. 

The Makeup of a Meltdown

Sports meltdowns come in all shapes and sizes. Yet, they are generally all cut from the same cloth. This Sunday, the Tuzos of Pachuca paid a visit to Toluca. The epic meltdown that ensued deserves some further dissection. The following are the seven components of a proper meltdown:

They're Alive!

Wakened from a deep sorrowful sleep and launched back into relevance, those who were low have again risen. They rise again to join the playoff hunt with the hopes of losing in gut-wrenching fashion in said playoffs. But nonetheless, after the pitiful performances prior to Saturday, even fulfilling the stereotypical Cruz Azul season seemed out of reach. With the 2-0 home win over Chiapas, Cruz Azul gained three valuable points in the standings. However, the real win for Cruz Azul this weekend came from their level play throughout the ninety minutes. 


Shady Azul Retirement Village


In order to be disgusted with a performance, there is generally an expectation of something more substantial. You might walk in to a movie theater expecting something entertaining and then all of a sudden Nic Cage is on the screen. Disgusted.  Luckily, I can no longer be disgusted at Estadio Azul. At least that’s what I am trying to convince myself of.


Ivan "the not too Xabi" Alonso

Fourteen goals in nineteen games. While not in the Messi/Ronaldo territory for scoring, these numbers would be near the top of any league's top scorers' list. But these aren't Robin Van Persie's or Wayne Rooney's numbers. These belong to a man playing in Toluca.

Ivan Alonso scores and scores often. His eleven goals in Apertura 2011 were enough to lead the league. In the first two games of this season, he has already knocked in three. Surely, these are impressive numbers for anyone, but they are even more astounding when they are the total sum of Alonso's time in the Primera Division. 

America v Toluca Recap

The first weekend of action in Clausura 2012 saw four of the nine matches end in a draw. Thus, the five teams who were able to capture three points in their opening match were off to a great head start. Two of those teams were perennial powerhouses coming off disappointing seasons: Toluca and America. In the case of America, it was a complete abomination of a season.

Perplexed Perspectives

There are often two ways of looking at things.  Does the coming of Spring mean budding flowers, cool breezes, and plenty of sun, or does it mean an increased pollen count and more holidays that make you resent being alone? Ties or draws in sports often put fans in these situations. Without a clear cut W or L attached to a match, we are left in the position of talking ourselves into a losing or a winning frame of mind. The optimist would look at Cruz Azul’s draw with UANL Tigres from this Saturday and point out several positive signs for the future of the team.


I do know what nemesis means. In general, when I use the word I stray from Brick Top's definition. I think of a rival that cannot be beaten. Cruz Azul thinks of Morelia, and maybe more specifically their manager, Tomas Boy.

Insulting Boy

There are different levels of fouls in a football match. There's the ticky-tack, which generally result in a simple free kick.  There's the slightly more reckless or vicious, which generally results in a yellow card.  Then there's the reprehensible.  The fouls that are so grievous that they merit a straight red card.  These fouls generally are dangerous accompanied by more of an intentional nature. The position on the field and the minutes on the clock can also affect the severity of the judgment.


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