America and the Storm on the Horizon

Speaking in generalities, Mexicans are a little sensitive about the word America. America for Mexicans, quite fairly, represents the Americas, both North and South which they are a part of. People from the United States identifying themselves as Americans can be slightly gauche.  One of the more PC words used in Spanish is Estadounidense (which is even more of a ridiculous mouthful than the "United Statesian" that it translates to).  A word that can draw a nearly equal amount of ire is America, referring to Club America (Mexico City's third-best and most highly paid team).

Uno Mas

There's only one game remaining for the eighteen teams in the Primera Division. One game left of the Apertura 2011 Season, and only one team has locked up one of the eight playoff spots. Should be an interesting weekend.

Travel nightmares

With so many teams on the cusp of either qualifying or falling out of the upcoming playoffs, this weekend presented some truly make or break games. Both Monterrey and Pumas, sitting on that cusp, had difficult road games to face. They both would have been better off never getting on the bus. 

Chateau d'If flies a blue flag

"My God!" he cried, "the Chateau d'If! Why are we going there?"  "You cannot be taking me there to imprison me?"

When exactly do the playoffs start?

With only three games left for most teams in the Apertura 2011 season there's little more clarity to the final standings then there was in July.  Only seven points separate first place from thirteenth place. The top eight teams qualify for the playoffs; it's anybody's guess as to which eight teams these will be.

The Lurkers of the Primera Division

hiding in the shadows
The St. Louis Cardinals are on their way to the World Series.  This is the same St. Louis Cardinals team that had headlines like this one dominating the start of their season.

Mexico v Brazil

Corner Kick Redemption

Cruz Azul took care of business on Saturday, very much what they have been unable to do the past few weeks.  It wasn't pretty, but when the breakthrough came, it came by way of the corner. 

Two points for a dominant draw?

This didn't quite turn out to be Lasting Effects Weekend. With the top four teams in the standings battling each other on Saturday.  This night of matches was supposed to go a long way toward shaping the top of the table. However, this weekend merely accentuated the toss up that the final standings is becoming. The top four teams drew against each other and allowed the rest of the pack to creep that much closer.

The Weekend Without a Name

There's a big weekend coming up in the Primera Division.  It's huge.  It's so huge it should be called The Big Showdown Weekend ... or maybe The Giant Match Weekend.  Ugh.  I could really use the help of the fine people at ESPN who can manufacture one of those "catchy" names like Rivalry Week or Road Test Weekend.  Maybe we could even go sponsored:


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