Looking for Lobos

What’s happened to Lucas Lobos? The current incarnation of the Tigres number 16 is unrecognizable from the four-time Balón de Oro winner that last summer guided his side to first place in the regular season.

The New Guarani Prince

Great forwards are not easy to find in the soccer world.  Toluca has found a great gem that could possibly be, in my opinion, the next “Guarani Prince.”  Toluca is known for bringing in awesome forwards; Bruno Marioni, Hector Mancilla, and Ivan Alonso.  All of them had the potential to be the next Guarani prince, but in the end I think none of them really appreciated the Toluca institution.  I believe this is about to change.

Turning Over a New Goat

New year, new manager, new players, but same owner. Hey, we can’t have it all right. It’s a brand new year, and the hopes and dreams for all Chivas fans are back. As a Chivas fan, 2013 was the worst year that I have ever witnessed. Both Clausura and Apertura in 2013 were awful. Bad management by Vergara, bad management by Te Kloese, the lack of commitment by certain players, and managers who couldn’t do much were all to blame for an embarrassing 2013.

Breaking the Cycle

A new season starts for La Maquina with much of the familiar feel. A disappointing playoff performance leads to a shake-up of the roster and/or manager position. It fits like an old shoe - and smells like one, too.

Nothing irritates me much more than the Mexican coaching carousel. Managers are fired and replaced at such ridiculous rates. Clubs are rarely allowed to build consistency in direction. One bad result in a short tournament (an obviously small sample size) leads to the mandatory shake-up.   

The Best and Worst of Mexican Soccer 2013

It was a great year if you support Mexico's most popular club team. It was pretty terrible, otherwise. El Tri was an abomination. Club America were the most successful club team and then managed to parlay that into a national team coup d'état. It was ugly.

Yet, it's the time for reflection and glossing over the past twelve months in a holiday cookie-fueled haze. So without further ado, I give you the best and the worst of Mexican soccer 2013 ...

Sympathy for the Devils

It wasn't meant to be like this. I sat down with the intention of writing the masterpiece of semifinal previews. It was meant to be insightful and full of interesting tidbits on these two intriguing match-ups. It was going to be great.

A Bizarre Search for Answers: Watching Mexico vs New Zealand Simulations on FIFA 14

A few nights ago I was driving back home from work in an unusually good mood. Maybe it was the non-stressful day or the new and enticing beer which was waiting for me in my tiny fridge. Either way, I was the most content man driving at 10 p.m. after an eight-hour shift. The freeway was empty and there was something eerily cool about that desolate road. Especially when that freeway is usually filled bumper to bumper with angry hippies who risk cognitive dissonance with the amount of time spent in their vehicles on their way to work.

Postseason Postulations

The Liga MX Apertura season is coming to a close. One week remains to lock up positions for the always anxious, sometimes exciting, and never predictable Liguilla. With that should comes talk and speculation about the chances of each team and the failures of other. However, it would not be hyperbole to say that this season has had a bit of a stink attached.

The Top 10 Ways for FMF to Destroy the Mexican National Team

The Federacion Mexicana de Futbol needs no help looking foolish. The collective decision-making of the federation along with the questionable moves by their employed managers have rivaled only the actual play of the footballers on the field for staggering heights of mediocrity and stupidity. Things haven't been going well.

Reading Between the Headlines

As we start to stomach the loss to Costa Rica and the questionable lucky pass to the playoffs, the media’s headlines and comments from higher-ups in the Mexican soccer world give us a window into the causes behind the mess the Tri has been during this qualifying season.


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