An Unpredicted Win

Last Friday, I had my predictions as to who would win the games for the Jornada 11. In the opener, I was convinced that Monarcas would have taken the three points easily from Monterrey. For me, Monterrey was a team that was lost and had no idea on how to function. Monterrey head coach Jose Guadalupe Cruz had it in for all of us and gave us a great surprise on Friday with a 3-1 victory over Monarcas.

My Gut Feelings – Predictions of the Jornada 11

It’s this far in the Apertura 2013 and the jury is still out on who is the dominant candidate to win the Championship. Last week’s Jornada was a little slow and below average in my opinion but hey it’s a new week, it’s Friday and guess what that means? The beginning of brand new Football weekend! Let’s look at what we have here for this weekend and I will predict who will be the victor. Hopefully I do a better job than last week.
Morelia vs. Monterrey
Prediction: Morelia

Guerrilla Tactics

After 10 season games, Atlas finds itself in a predictable 16th spot having amassed a grand total of 6 points from six ties and zero victories. While the low amount of points can be tolerated and maybe even expected given the squad limitations, the problem that I have with the team is that it did not win or tie certain key games against relegation rivals. The loss of points in these games can have serious ramifications that are far more troublesome than a few lost points in the current tournament. Smart allocation of resources will be key for the survival of the team.

Missing Persons Alert

ALERT! There is somebody missing in Liga MX, and I think it’s very important that we find this individual                  

Martin Bravo admits frustration and a says a win against Atlante is necessary

It’s a delicate time for the Pumas organization. As one of Mexico’s “big four,” the club has a dedication to being one of Mexico’s best – and results are the only way to measure that.

The 2013 Apertura has been nothing short of a nightmare for UNAM through their first 10 weeks. They are one of only three clubs that have yet to win a single game. Five of their matches have been draws, while the other five have been losses.

Carlos Vela: The Prodigal Son can stay in San Sebastian

Carlos V is again in the headlines stating that he’s ready to be called upon to represent Mexico. This drives the Mexican sports media crazy as they infest all the news outlets and TV time saying “Carlos Vela is now ready to come back to the national team.” But as the story goes though, once the list of called players comes out wouldn’t you know Carlos V (that’s what I am going to call him from here on out in this article because that’s what his name is on his jersey that he uses in Real Sociedad... must be a real big fan of the chocolate) declines the call to put the Green on.

My Gut feelings – Predictions of The Jornada 10

Yes, yes it’s the weekend that means the next Jornada is upon us. It's time to wipe those tears from the last week and focus on the Liga Bancomer MX.  Who’s going to take the points this week? Who’s going to rise in the Tabla General? We’ll I’m going to give my predictions for this week hopefully I’m right because… I love being right!

Querétaro vs. Atlante

Prediction: Club Queretaro         

Victor Manuel Vucetich - New Captain of the Tritanic

Don’t start playing "Nearer my god to thee" yet… for there is still a chance that Mexico can qualify to the 2014 FIFA World Cup. It might be in a very embarrassing manner but nobody really cares how you got there when you are there, just ask France or Uruguay. The fact of the matter is that Mexico has used up all their “last” chances. After this past FIFA match date saw two losses in a row including the “Aztecazo II”, they really cannot go for anything less than a victory and try not to have the “Aztecazo III” in the same year.

Liga MX Weekly Walkabout: Sept. 10, 2013

Torta Tuesday was slain and laid to waste six months ago. It has been stewing under the surface but is now finally arisen. Like a phoenix plowing up through the ashes, the Weekly Walkabout arrives to fill in the void. A different animal than when it left this earth, it does appear to be a stronger one(or at least one with more ridiculous comparisons to make).

Salimos DF

With any move, there are welcome additions and things that will be missed. The new location might deliver better weather or a shorter commute, but perhaps it doesn’t t have the same charms that have become part of the everyday in the old locale. I find that often, the most unexpected things end up being felt the most during change or loss.   There are big things like friends and family that you may be leaving behind, but it is often your spot at the corner bar or your favorite taco guy (or cochinita place) that will leave you reminiscing.


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