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Concacaf Champions League: The Mexican Three

Now that the knockout rounds of the Concacaf Champions League are finally here, we get to see some intriguing Liga MX-MLS match-ups. For those unfamiliar with what these MLS teams are up against, here’s a brief look into the three Liga MX teams visiting the states for the first legs this week.

San Jose / Toluca

Toluca Troubles

The first leg of the Liga MX final played out last night in Tijuana. For many, the end result was very much the expected. Tijuana came out with a 2-1 victory on their home field and will take their one goal advantage to the second leg in Toluca on Sunday. The end result might have been expected, but how it came to pass was a little out of left field.

Torta Tuesday: Jornada 8, Apertura 2012

In honor of Tijuana's ascent to the top spot in the table, I went with the Frontera Torta (The Border Torta). As always, the headings are links to movie clips that (sometimes very loosely) allude to an aspect of this past week's results. Buen provecho.

What's happening: Jornada 8 Results and Table:

The Keeper Stands Alone

Goalkeepers draw both praise and ire in abundance. They stand isolated in a position of power and pressure. A solitary position such as this allows critics to more easily pick out flaws or possibly greatness. The best keepers and the worst are spotted readily. However, what separates one quality keeper from another? How do we know which goalkeeper is stronger when there is more than one with extreme talent? Or more pointedly, for Mexico at least, how do you separate out four great goalkeepers from each other?

The Makeup of a Meltdown

Sports meltdowns come in all shapes and sizes. Yet, they are generally all cut from the same cloth. This Sunday, the Tuzos of Pachuca paid a visit to Toluca. The epic meltdown that ensued deserves some further dissection. The following are the seven components of a proper meltdown:

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