Antonio Mohamed

Separation Anxiety

This season started with the normalcy one would expect in recent years. Many teams looked good. There was a hint of resurgence from some. There were the dregs of the league performing justly. And the power of the league resided in Monterrey.

Rayados, under the leadership of Antonio Mohamed, looked to be back in the driver's seat in the league. Their form had been growing for a few seasons. Their acquisition of big time South American talent was paying off. Mohammed imposed his physical nature and defensive organization on a squad that had lost its way. Rayados were again Rayados.

On the Brink: Week 7-8

Puebla began the weekend for the fearful four with its second consecutive win. They had the low-hanging fruit of facing Monarcas in Morelia. Despite Morelia netting an early goal, Puebla plucked the said fruit with a pair of goals on each side of the halftime break. There's nothing like a relegation fight to get the most out of a team. This battle now has Puebla in rarified territory. If the Liguilla started today, Puebla would actually be participating. Craziness.

Sympathy for the Americanista

I like to imagine myself as someone with the capability for a fair share of empathy. I generally try to consider the feelings of others in life. It's just harder when those feelings are tied up in something that I find abhorrent. Thus, Americanistas (supporters of Club America) and I rarely see eye-to-eye.

Torta Tuesday, Week 7, Clausura 2013


Torta Tuesday: Jornada 13, Apertura 2012


Tijuana: Your New Favorite Team

We all find our sports teams in different ways. Many sports fandoms are passed down as legacies. Your father was fan of the Cleveland Browns, so unfortunately, you carry on that burden. You may latch on to the local team to feel the camaraderie and possibly attend home games. The ever popular bandwagon also draws many fans, especially from the younger generations. Also, my personal favorite, would be fandoms formed by spite.
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