Carlos Vela

Two National Teams

One summer. Two big tournaments.

Mexico is faced with fielding a national team for this summer's Gold Cup and Copa America.  While it would be nice to bring Mexico's best possible eleven to each tournament, it is unreasonable and not particularly nice for those selected players. There isn't a long offseason for soccer players; filling it with two separate international tournaments is a bit much.

The Best and Worst of Mexican Soccer 2013

It was a great year if you support Mexico's most popular club team. It was pretty terrible, otherwise. El Tri was an abomination. Club America were the most successful club team and then managed to parlay that into a national team coup d'état. It was ugly.

Yet, it's the time for reflection and glossing over the past twelve months in a holiday cookie-fueled haze. So without further ado, I give you the best and the worst of Mexican soccer 2013 ...

Carlos Vela: The Prodigal Son can stay in San Sebastian

Carlos V is again in the headlines stating that he’s ready to be called upon to represent Mexico. This drives the Mexican sports media crazy as they infest all the news outlets and TV time saying “Carlos Vela is now ready to come back to the national team.” But as the story goes though, once the list of called players comes out wouldn’t you know Carlos V (that’s what I am going to call him from here on out in this article because that’s what his name is on his jersey that he uses in Real Sociedad... must be a real big fan of the chocolate) declines the call to put the Green on.

Victor Manuel Vucetich - New Captain of the Tritanic

Don’t start playing "Nearer my god to thee" yet… for there is still a chance that Mexico can qualify to the 2014 FIFA World Cup. It might be in a very embarrassing manner but nobody really cares how you got there when you are there, just ask France or Uruguay. The fact of the matter is that Mexico has used up all their “last” chances. After this past FIFA match date saw two losses in a row including the “Aztecazo II”, they really cannot go for anything less than a victory and try not to have the “Aztecazo III” in the same year.

The State of El Tri: March 18, 2013


The State of El Tri: March 1, 2013


Should I Stay or Should I Go

Does a player stick to the domestic game or travel overseas for a chance at something bigger?  The repercussions of this decision will likely affect the length, net earnings, and success of their career. Should they commit or should they go?

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