Copa Libertadores

The Case for La Franja

When considering contenders for the next Liga MX title, it's safe to start with the usuals. For as much craziness, disguised under the parity label, as this league presents, title challenges and eventual trophies normally end up in the hands of the power teams.

Burrito Wrap - 14th April

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Two games left and the playoff race is as tight as ever while at the other end the relegation battle is concluded early. Welcome to the Burrito Wrap.
Plucky Atlante should fear for the future…
So, my prediction from a couple of weeks ago was wrong. Just as it seemed Atlante had hit an unlikely run of excellent form they suffered an end of season collapse and will now play in the Ascenso MX in the 2014-15 season.

The Burrito Wrap

It’s time to kick back, eat a tortilla and drink a cerveza as we wrap up some of the week’s top stories.


Carlos Vela, the enigma of the Mexican national team, has now finally put an end to months of speculation by ruling himself out of Brazil this summer. I don’t know why Vela isn’t prepared to return, nor do I care.

Torta Tuesday, Week 7, Clausura 2013


When it rains, it pours

Heading into halftime of last night's Copa Libertadores match at Estadio Azul, things got interesting. The visiting team, Libertad of Paraguay, was heading in to the locker rooms. Unfortunately, for them, they were down a goal and were now targets. Normally, giant inflatable train-shaped tunnels escort the players, coaches, and referees into the locker rooms. For Copa Libertadores matches the tunnels are gone and the air filled security blanket is missing. The fans acknowledged this and rained the Paraguayan squad with beer cups, pizza boxes, and free game programs. Just one hour later the crowd would repeat this same ritual, but the targets were no longer the visitors. The target had now become Cruz Azul's manager, Enrique Meza. 

Face of Evil

Sometimes some nasty stuff goes down on the soccer field. Today alone, saw AC Milan's Champions League strategy of fouling Messi every time he had the ball and a combination leg rake/groin kick tackle in the CONCACAF Champions League match between Santos and Toronto that drew red (blood and card). Yet, the worst thing that went down on the pitch today wasn't violent. It actually involved no contact whatsoever. 

Corona > Corinthians > Cruz Azul

Watching Wednesday's Copa Libertadores match I couldn't help having the feeling that I was witnessing evidence. Not evidence in the sense of proving or disproving any of my theories of this Cruz Azul squad, but in the sense that this game was evidence in some match fixing scandal. So poor was the play of the majority of Cruz Azul's players that there seemed to be no other explanation. This is a team with many flaws, yet Wednesday revealed some gaping wounds.  No, I don't actually think there was anything afoot in this match.

Bizarro Santander World

I made it to two Cruz Azul matches this week. Pumas visited on Saturday afternoon for the inner-city rivalry match and Deportivo Táchira of Venezuela paid a visit to Estadio Azul on Tuesday night for a group stage matchup in the Copa Libertadores. Counting these two visiting teams, I've seen four unique squads in person in the span of four days.


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