Cristian Pellerano

The Evolution of Xolos

It's been a bit of a bumpy road for Xolos over the last two seasons.

Cruz Azul v. Xolos: Breaking Down the CCL Semifinal

One half of the Concacaf Champions League final is now complete. Toluca defeated Alajuelense in the two-legged semifinal match-up by a 3-0 aggregate. The Liga MX club now awaits their Mexican rival to decide which team will win the title and have the chance to represent Concacaf in the Club World Cup. Whom exactly that will be will be determined on Wednesday night in Estadio Azul.

Concacaf Champions League: The Mexican Three

Now that the knockout rounds of the Concacaf Champions League are finally here, we get to see some intriguing Liga MX-MLS match-ups. For those unfamiliar with what these MLS teams are up against, here’s a brief look into the three Liga MX teams visiting the states for the first legs this week.

San Jose / Toluca

Torta Tuesday: Jornada 6, Apertura 2012

Torta ... a word with so many meanings. In Mexico, however, the word is almost always referring to a big, hot sandwich. This weekly column will mash together results of the previous week with some things to look forward to in the upcoming week. Hopefully enough condiments will be added to make this more of the 'muy rico' variety and not just 'gigante'. 

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