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Liga MX as College Football Teams

Liga MX took a ridiculously short break between seasons with just twelve days separating the final of the Apertura and today’s opening match of the Clausura. Just long enough to fill the void with a bunch of college football bowl games. To ease the transition back from bowl season to Liga MX, I created a handy comparison tool for those still in a Taxslayer Bowl type of mindset. I apologize in advance.

Clarity in an Unclear World

With the completion of week fourteen in the Liga MX, just three weeks remain in the regular season. The Liguilla is beginning to take shape. The cream has risen to the top and the other stuff is left below feeling bitter and angry. With three remaining matches for the majority of the league there's a wide range of mathematical possibilities for the table's final resting place. However, a realistic look at the current standings reveals a fairly clear picture of where this thing is headed.       

Competing for a Trophy:

Liga MX to Save My Mental Health

It has been one week since the painful Mexico elimination from the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Like a gullible woman who tells herself that her cheating boyfriend will be faithful this time around, I believed that Mexico would reach the quarterfinals of a World Cup (and maybe even beyond). And like this hypothetical women, I was left heartbroken, and hating myself for believing.

Cruz Azul Crush Toluca - Match Report

Crushing Blow image


League leaders Cruz Azul strengthened their hold on first place in the Liga MX, as a clinical 1-0 victory over second-placed Toluca saw them extend their advantage to six points.

The Burrito Wrap

Pumas Photo

The Burrito Wrap is back – it’s tortilla time!


Puma’s Renaissance is a thing of beauty…

“Football, bloody hell”. The words of Alex Ferguson after Manchester United scored twice in stoppage time to beat Bayern Munich and win the 1999 European Cup. Whilst Puma’s turnaround in fortunes is not quite as dramatic as that famous night Barcelona, their current form is certainly as unpredictable as that remarkable game.


The Burrito Wrap

Empty Stadium Picture

It’s Monday and ‘The Burrito Wrap’ is back with another warm tortilla stuffed full of the week’s talking points.

This week we take an in-depth look at Liga MX’s attendances, before touching on El Tri’s squad and concluding with a word about football kits.

The Burrito Wrap

Red Card Image

As part of a new feature on Soccer Mexicana we look back at some of this week’s top stories away from results on the pitch. These delectable morsels are wrapped up in a metaphorical warm tortilla every week for your consumption. Buen provecho.

My Gut Feelings – Predictions of the Jornada 11

It’s this far in the Apertura 2013 and the jury is still out on who is the dominant candidate to win the Championship. Last week’s Jornada was a little slow and below average in my opinion but hey it’s a new week, it’s Friday and guess what that means? The beginning of brand new Football weekend! Let’s look at what we have here for this weekend and I will predict who will be the victor. Hopefully I do a better job than last week.
Morelia vs. Monterrey
Prediction: Morelia

Missing Persons Alert

ALERT! There is somebody missing in Liga MX, and I think it’s very important that we find this individual                  

My Gut feelings – Predictions of The Jornada 10

Yes, yes it’s the weekend that means the next Jornada is upon us. It's time to wipe those tears from the last week and focus on the Liga Bancomer MX.  Who’s going to take the points this week? Who’s going to rise in the Tabla General? We’ll I’m going to give my predictions for this week hopefully I’m right because… I love being right!

Querétaro vs. Atlante

Prediction: Club Queretaro         


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