A Blank Slate for the Liguilla Semifinals

The Liguilla quarterfinals taught us much about the eight teams involved. Rayados are a dominant force ready to steamroll anyone who dare step in to their path, while Atlas is not ready to challenge for a title. America can win ugly, while Cruz Azul simply can’t win. Tigres, the victors, aren’t playing to their full potential, while Leon, the defeated, did just that.   And finally Morelia has come a long way from relegation avoidance, while Toluca continue to be a good but not great side.

Foreseen Jornada Seventeen

The final weekend of the Liga MX season has arrived.  Serious musical chair action awaits as five open Liguilla seats remain as ten teams meander in a melodic march. The first aid kit will be needed as five teams end up bruised and battered on the floor. This trial by combat will certainly result in some heads (coaches) being chopped off but the real carnage will be in a different battle all together.

Clarity in an Unclear World

With the completion of week fourteen in the Liga MX, just three weeks remain in the regular season. The Liguilla is beginning to take shape. The cream has risen to the top and the other stuff is left below feeling bitter and angry. With three remaining matches for the majority of the league there's a wide range of mathematical possibilities for the table's final resting place. However, a realistic look at the current standings reveals a fairly clear picture of where this thing is headed.       

Competing for a Trophy:

A Family Affair: The Idiosyncratic Eight Liga MX Liguilla Teams

Family gatherings are special for many reasons. Time away from those you hold dear can be tough. The times when everyone can come together are some of our most treasured moments. It's also a time to remember that insanity abounds. The peculiarities of family know no bounds.

The Liguilla is in many ways a coming together of a diverse bunch. These eight characters now meet again to decide one victor. How exactly it is going to go down is anyone's guess, but it will surely be entertaining.

The Burrito Wrap - 18th March

Liguilla Tickets

With six weeks of the regular season left, this week’s Burrito Wrap assesses some issues at the top and bottom of the division.


Relegation Battle Spoilt By Rules…


With just six games left to play the relegation battle is going down to the wire. Atlas took a valuable three points off Veracruz on Saturday and Atlante shipped five in the capital. Having now seen a stream of remarkable results over the last few weeks it now looks like it’s going to be one of the tightest battles in recent memory.


So what’s wrong?


The Burrito Wrap

Pumas Photo

The Burrito Wrap is back – it’s tortilla time!


Puma’s Renaissance is a thing of beauty…

“Football, bloody hell”. The words of Alex Ferguson after Manchester United scored twice in stoppage time to beat Bayern Munich and win the 1999 European Cup. Whilst Puma’s turnaround in fortunes is not quite as dramatic as that famous night Barcelona, their current form is certainly as unpredictable as that remarkable game.


Postseason Postulations

The Liga MX Apertura season is coming to a close. One week remains to lock up positions for the always anxious, sometimes exciting, and never predictable Liguilla. With that should comes talk and speculation about the chances of each team and the failures of other. However, it would not be hyperbole to say that this season has had a bit of a stink attached.

El DF Final

Finals are always big. They gain momentum when they've followed a fascinating playoff slate. They grow still larger when two teams with national support and plenty of history face off. When those teams are neighbors, rivals, two of the "Big Four" and desperately searching for another title the final becomes colossal.

Standing on the Edge


The Big Four: Club America, May 14, 2012



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