Luis Montes

Friendly Choices

June is coming. A trip to Brazil and the pressure of the world's biggest tournament will also come in quick succession for the Mexican National Team. Like an impending storm, the World Cup won't wait for El Tri to be ready.

Moving On Up (from the B squad)

You would think that the last thing we would want to do is look back at the Gold Cup. Why would rational Mexico fans want to revisit an infamous tournament that was anything but a success? Isn't there a cognitive dissonance involved in this? Well, my educated and well-versed reader you are very right. The tournament was awful for Mexico but it's too simple to just ignore the last five games we played this month. It's too easy to just make "Fuera Chepo" t-shirts and call it a day. It's too elementary to write Javier Aguirre another desperate letter.

Trading Places: A Preview (of sorts) of the Apertura 2013 Season

If Mexican league fans learned anything this year, it’s that everything has a price. We are more than used to jerseys smattered with more sponsors than a race car. However this summer took it to another level. We saw a rash of clubs being scooped up by other cities for coveted top flight position and the league receiving a ridiculous branding stamp right over its recently christened name. 

Torta Tuesday, Week 5, Clausura 2013

Things got interesting in Cancun this weekend as Atlante took down Monterrey convincingly. This week's torta isn't a torta at all as much as it's a Five Guys burger. Much like many things in Cancun, it's not always entirely Mexican, but it definitely gets the job done. Buen provecho! 

What's Happening: Week 5 Results and Table

Torta Tuesday: Jornada 10, Apertura 2012

I decided to go with a Polynesian Torta this week for no other reason than its inherent deliciousness. This weekend's matches were quite good as well. We don't have too much time to relish in their loveliness however - Jornada 11 starts tonight.
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