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Mexico Reimagined

The Mexican national team is in trouble. They have chosen a path that is fraught with peril. This is not a road less traveled type of situation here. There will be no fringe benefits; this won't make them tougher. El Tri are headed down the path of the bad ending in a Choose Your Own Adventure book. It's going to get ugly, and unlike the reading of those literary relics, there are no re-dos. El Tri have made their bed ...

A Bizarre Search for Answers: Watching Mexico vs New Zealand Simulations on FIFA 14

A few nights ago I was driving back home from work in an unusually good mood. Maybe it was the non-stressful day or the new and enticing beer which was waiting for me in my tiny fridge. Either way, I was the most content man driving at 10 p.m. after an eight-hour shift. The freeway was empty and there was something eerily cool about that desolate road. Especially when that freeway is usually filled bumper to bumper with angry hippies who risk cognitive dissonance with the amount of time spent in their vehicles on their way to work.

The Top 10 Ways for FMF to Destroy the Mexican National Team

The Federacion Mexicana de Futbol needs no help looking foolish. The collective decision-making of the federation along with the questionable moves by their employed managers have rivaled only the actual play of the footballers on the field for staggering heights of mediocrity and stupidity. Things haven't been going well.
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