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On the Brink: Week 3-4

Jornada 3 in Liga MX action saw several teams put their mark on the early season. Santos Laguna, who had struggled in their first two matches, put up four on regional rival Monterrey. Chiapas got a nice win over Atlas, albeit red card assisted. Pumas got their first win in a hard-fought battle with Toluca.

The Best and Worst of Mexican Soccer 2013

It was a great year if you support Mexico's most popular club team. It was pretty terrible, otherwise. El Tri was an abomination. Club America were the most successful club team and then managed to parlay that into a national team coup d'état. It was ugly.

Yet, it's the time for reflection and glossing over the past twelve months in a holiday cookie-fueled haze. So without further ado, I give you the best and the worst of Mexican soccer 2013 ...

Trading Places: A Preview (of sorts) of the Apertura 2013 Season

If Mexican league fans learned anything this year, it’s that everything has a price. We are more than used to jerseys smattered with more sponsors than a race car. However this summer took it to another level. We saw a rash of clubs being scooped up by other cities for coveted top flight position and the league receiving a ridiculous branding stamp right over its recently christened name. 

The State of El Tri: March 18, 2013


Torta Tuesday, Week 7, Clausura 2013


Torta Tuesday, Week 2, Clausura 2013

It's hard being on the road. In Liga MX action this week, the home teams went 6-2-1. This week's visiting teams received more red cards than red carpets (insert snare drum here). Traveling outside of Mexico for the month of January has been similarly (if not equally) challenging for me. Finding a quality torta in central Pennsylvania is harder than a visiting team winning in the Estadio Caliente.


At the beginning of the season, I had a sneaking suspicion. There was a faint whiff of something foul. I couldn't say for sure that the funk was there, but it was a definite possibility. Now through the tenth match of the season, I could say with confidence ... this Cruz Azul team is deeply flawed and just a bit awful.

Cruz Azul v America: The Tale of Two Narratives

An overwhelming disparity exists between the experience of being at a soccer match and that of the home-viewing experience. Some facets of this are fairly obvious. The ability to see more of the field, share in the emotional swings of the people, feel the camaraderie of total strangers, along with the ability to grossly overpay for refreshments are a combination of impossible, exceedingly difficult, or just plain weird to recreate at home.

The Swinging Pendulum of Cruz Azul Fandom

Cruz Azul started their disastrous last season going undefeated through their first seven matches. Only two of those first seven decisions were victories, while the other five were draws. Through their first six matches this season, Cruz Azul were once again undefeated while winning all three of their away matches. Heading in to week seven's home match against Pachuca, Cruz Azul had drawn their first three home fixtures. With another draw at home, they were on a near equal start to last season and the debacle that ensued. So, when Cruz Azul secured yet another draw on Saturday, the pessimism should have been flowing. Yet, I couldn't have been happier.

Toothless or Too Soon



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