The Burrito Wrap - Jornada 3

The Burrito Wrap is back after a prolonged summer break- / relocation- / World Cup- induced holiday. A new season means a new format, and while we’ll continue to look at top stories off the pitch, we’ll also try and some variety to the column from week-to-week, meaning you'll get a veritable potluck of Burrito fillings.

The Best and Worst of Mexican Soccer 2013

It was a great year if you support Mexico's most popular club team. It was pretty terrible, otherwise. El Tri was an abomination. Club America were the most successful club team and then managed to parlay that into a national team coup d'état. It was ugly.

Yet, it's the time for reflection and glossing over the past twelve months in a holiday cookie-fueled haze. So without further ado, I give you the best and the worst of Mexican soccer 2013 ...

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