Context for Columbus: USMNT vs Mexico

There is an expectation in polite American society that political matters are not to be mixed with religion, dinner, fun among friends, an etiquette.  Politics is dirty business but supposedly necessary, so there may be pandering, campaigning, fact bending, but that type of gamesmanship is thought to live in its own realm.  We practice the façade of stuffing political feelings in a box to keep from poisoning other aspects of our lives. Agree to disagree. It’s just politics, as they say.

Mexico Reimagined

The Mexican national team is in trouble. They have chosen a path that is fraught with peril. This is not a road less traveled type of situation here. There will be no fringe benefits; this won't make them tougher. El Tri are headed down the path of the bad ending in a Choose Your Own Adventure book. It's going to get ugly, and unlike the reading of those literary relics, there are no re-dos. El Tri have made their bed ...

World Cup Qualifying: Has It Always Been This Scary?

We're only three games into qualifying, and the worries have already begun (I'm not helping, I worry too much as well). People have been questioning Chepo, the team selections, and most all, the likelihood of Mexico still finishing in the top three. As it stands, Mexico are sitting uncomfortably at the fifth spot in the Hex. Optimists will tell you that they're only two points from the top, pessimists will tell they're one point from the bottom, and realists will tell you that they're not moving anywhere until June 4th.

The State of El Tri: March 18, 2013


National Teams & Redefining Rivalries
(Check out more from the artist of this fantastic illustration here.) 

The Declaration of Codependence: An Open Letter to MLS Supporters


Tijuana: Your New Favorite Team

We all find our sports teams in different ways. Many sports fandoms are passed down as legacies. Your father was fan of the Cleveland Browns, so unfortunately, you carry on that burden. You may latch on to the local team to feel the camaraderie and possibly attend home games. The ever popular bandwagon also draws many fans, especially from the younger generations. Also, my personal favorite, would be fandoms formed by spite.
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