The Positives of Chile 7 - Mexico 0

Mexico’s drubbing at the hands of eventual champions Chile left many a Mexico supporter devastated. It was the worst loss Mexico suffered in anything anyone cared about. It hurt.

Misguidance, Malinchismo, or Moppy Hair Adoration

Waldo Ponce
While stuck in Mexico City traffic yesterday, and by this I mean something akin to Dante's seventh circle, I started some idol conversation with the taxi driver.  Due to a limited Spanish vocabulary, I stuck to what I knew and asked him about this soccer preferences.  Turns out he was a Chivas fan. I assumed he was originally from Guadalajara, but it turns out he was born and raised here in Mexico City. He explained that he was a fan of Chivas because they were a "real" Mexican club.  In essence, all of the Chivas players were Mexican.     
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