Torta Tuesday, Week 5, Clausura 2013

Things got interesting in Cancun this weekend as Atlante took down Monterrey convincingly. This week's torta isn't a torta at all as much as it's a Five Guys burger. Much like many things in Cancun, it's not always entirely Mexican, but it definitely gets the job done. Buen provecho! 

What's Happening: Week 5 Results and Table

Torta Tuesday, Week 4, Clausura 2013

Plenty of interesting storylines highlight Week 4 and the Clausura season thus far. Chivas and Leon are still winless. Atlas and Queretaro continue to make a real battle out the relegation race. Tijuana hasn’t flinched from their championship form. With so much to discuss, I present an especially meaty torta. Buen provecho.

What's Happening: Week 4 Results and Table

Torta Tuesday, Week 3, Clausura 2013

Seven more red cards were shown in the third week of this season. I’m going to try to avoid writing too much about that because it’s becoming equal parts ridiculous and infuriating. Therefore, I am going to stick to the positives this week … as they were in abundance, too. This week’s torta is a tribute to everything Poblano. I raise up a Super Torta in Puebla’s honor. 

Torta Tuesday: Jornada 12, Apertura 2012

The Clasico dominated the hype and headlines of the weekend. Surprisingly, it actually lived up to its billing. It was an entertaining match with plenty of back and forth action. This week's Torta Tuesday features a bunch of clips from Snatch and plenty of Chivas.

The MLS to Liga MX Converter Tool

Now that you are prepared to take the plunge in to Liga MX, you will need to decide on which team to throw your undying support behind. Luckily, I have this all figured out for you.  In the spirit of the Men in Blazers’ NBA to EPL converter, this helpful tool will guide you to your new Mexican squad of destiny.

Big Wins for the Little Guys

Two teams who were recently down in the dumps, suffering horrible loss after horrible loss, have begun to claw their way back to relevance. Finding big wins using any means necessary, these squads are following the redemption tales of the common sports movie. The underdogs begin their arduous quest toward the big stage and eventual glory. Throw in a mix of heartwarming, good guy actions to seal the audience's complete loyalty to the team and their comeback. It's not often that these stories come to fruition so perfectly outside of the cinema. 

More than 1/3 in ... Cruz Azul still playing only 1/2

Another Cruz Azul home game, another 2-1 victory.  While this brings Azul to 3-2-1 on the season, with all the wins coming at home (all 2-1 victories), there is a great deal of doubt as to where this season is headed.

La Maquina, or the machine ... as Cruz Azul is readily called, seem to only operate for 45 minutes, while running on fumes for the other half.  

Misguidance, Malinchismo, or Moppy Hair Adoration

Waldo Ponce
While stuck in Mexico City traffic yesterday, and by this I mean something akin to Dante's seventh circle, I started some idol conversation with the taxi driver.  Due to a limited Spanish vocabulary, I stuck to what I knew and asked him about this soccer preferences.  Turns out he was a Chivas fan. I assumed he was originally from Guadalajara, but it turns out he was born and raised here in Mexico City. He explained that he was a fan of Chivas because they were a "real" Mexican club.  In essence, all of the Chivas players were Mexican.     


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