Miguel Ponce

Mexico Reimagined

The Mexican national team is in trouble. They have chosen a path that is fraught with peril. This is not a road less traveled type of situation here. There will be no fringe benefits; this won't make them tougher. El Tri are headed down the path of the bad ending in a Choose Your Own Adventure book. It's going to get ugly, and unlike the reading of those literary relics, there are no re-dos. El Tri have made their bed ...

Should I Stay or Should I Go

Does a player stick to the domestic game or travel overseas for a chance at something bigger?  The repercussions of this decision will likely affect the length, net earnings, and success of their career. Should they commit or should they go?

Cruz Azul v Chivas Preview: It's Kind of a Big Deal

Six reasons why you should watch this Saturday: 
1.       Relevance

Two points for a dominant draw?

This didn't quite turn out to be Lasting Effects Weekend. With the top four teams in the standings battling each other on Saturday.  This night of matches was supposed to go a long way toward shaping the top of the table. However, this weekend merely accentuated the toss up that the final standings is becoming. The top four teams drew against each other and allowed the rest of the pack to creep that much closer.
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